Slocan Legacy

by Patricia Ray-Barnes


Warners in the Slocan

by Allan Warner


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Slocan Legacy – On Back Cover

Paddy and Bruce Ray immigrated to Canada in March 1969. They lived briefly in Kamloops, BC before purchasing 40 acres of land in the Slocan Valley. Their property was located on the west side of the Slocan River directly across from the Larson Cattle Company property, just south of Andrew Brodman’s original homestead and north of the Avis property in Perry’s Siding.

In 1985 Bruce Ray sold the Perry Siding property and returned to his family home in Las Vegas. Later his children Sarah and Andrew returned to Las Vegas to join their father where they live today along with their children.

Paddy currently resides in Spokane Washington with her dachshund dogs and is retired. She still returns to the Slocan Valley once or twice a year to visit old friends and see the Valley. ~ Patricia Ray-Barnes

The Slocan Valley Historical Society would like to acknowledge the contribution by the Heritage Credit Union staff in the printing of this book.

Each Friday staff has a “Jeans” day and the money raised on those days are donated to a local non-profit.

In October 2014, the Slocan Valley Historical Society was honoured to be a recipient of this donation.

Warners in the Slocan – Prologue

Warners in the Slocan: A Pioneer Family’s Story was originally produced in book form in 1996 and distributed to the greater Warner family. In later years, copies were placed in the Slocan Valley Archives and Touchstones Nelson Archives. Twelve years later, I felt the pictures and history would be better preserved and distributed in a digital format.

Since the original story was written on an outdated computer program with the pictures hand-assembled and photocopied page-by-page, it was necessary for the book to be scanned and digitized with an OCR program. Daryl Warner did the scanning and sent it to me for editing and rebuilding pages that did not copy well. The CD was the result of two years’ interupted pleasure in re-editing my story and sorting out those pictures and titles the OCR program refused to recognize. ~ Allan Warner

The Slocan Valley Historical Society is pleased to reprint Allan Warner’s family memoir in this expanded edition. We’ve annotated the manuscript and added more photos, but the text is largely as he originally presented it. The family lived in the Slocan Valley from the 1920s to the 1950s. ~ Slocan Valley Historical Society, February 2018

Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance provided the funding to re-print this book.

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