Hearing from Our Elders


Book by Rita Moir

In 2013, we began our first project to ensure Slocan Valley stories were not forgotten. Author and historian Rita Moir, a long-time resident of the Slocan Valley was contracted to seek out project participants, conduct interviews with them, scan and digitize their photos and documents and digitally record stories and personal accounts. We called this project Albums and Shoeboxes of the Slocan Valley, which built upon the work Rita did for her book called “The Third Crop”.

The project was successful, and we followed up the next year with Tides of Change. Our goal was to seek out and digitally capture photographs, stories and first-hand accounts of the impact of events and changes that swept through the Slocan Valley from 1946 – 1975. Once again, we were fortunate to contract Rita to do this work again.

We are grateful to the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance for the funding for both these projects, and to the BC Regional Digitized History who have made the interviews available on their website.

In 2021, we picked up the thread – Connections to the Past – to continue our pursuit to capture and preserve stories, photographs, and first-hand accounts of Valley life. This project is funded by CBT through Heritage BC. Unfortunately, due to the continuing pandemic we will not be able to start this project until it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, if current or former residents of the Slocan Valley have photos or stories to tell, please contact us at archives@slocanvalleyhistory.ca and we may be able to find a way to do this virtually.


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